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Get your Green & Gold Dax Tongs now and experience the comfort when turning that meat. Green & Gold represents so much for people, their sports teams and their country. We trust the Dax Tong will have it’s place in your family and help represent at your next BBQ!

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Our Dax BBQ Tongs have made their way across the ocean to Australia. We have been manufacturing the Dax Tongs in South Africa for over 35 years, keeping them Simple & Strong with a great Grip for turning the meat.

Get the Green & Gold tongs for yourself or even as a gift for a friend in the sense of a House Warming, Birthday or Christmas gift, or maybe just because you can see that they need a decent pair of tongs for the job.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg



ABS Nylon


Stainless Steel with a Slim Design for controlled lifting and flipping,
Scalloped edges on the head provide a good grip

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