Best BBQ Tools For Men Australia


This is definitely the best tool for all you barbeque kings out there ! Every man will love one of our DAX BBQ tongs. There is nothing better than being in control in front of that BBQ when everyone dumps their meat with you and says, ” Medium Rare Please” “Slightly Medium to Well Done”


DAX BBQ Tong -BBQ KING Branded

If you know someone that brags about their BBQing skills or if you happen to be that person who is the grill master, then one of the best gifts for men in Australia you can buy is our DAX BBQ Tong branded BBQ King. Purchase our tongs online, they will be well received by the person you are buying a gift for. They truly are in a league of their own, and with the branding of BBQ KING on the handles just makes it even more special as a gift for that person, or even for yourself! When any of your friends tries the DAX BBQ Tong they will want to get one for themselves!

Sometimes all you need is that one BBQ Tool that stands out from the rest and can be used for many things, whether its turning the meat or picking up salad, and in this case it is our DAX BBQ Tong that we have been manufacturing for over 40 years.

The Great Thing About The DAX BBQ Tong

We have found over the years that there are so many people selling BBQ Tool sets online, and what happens is that these tool sets end up being stuck in cupboard as the quality isn’t as great as they boasted about, and one tends not to use certain items that come in the set either. Why not buy a grilling tool that can do more than just turn the meat, which won’t break after 5 uses, which helps you turn that meat with great control and grip? Then the DAX BBQ Tong is all you need. You can buy a product that is $10 cheaper, but you will soon have to replace it. We have spent 40 years perfecting our BBQ Tong which has been loved by many across the world. Because they are made of a high grade stainless steel with the perfect design for gripping and control, you will be using them for years to come. 

So if you are looking for bbq gifts for men, then you have come to the right place. Some of our customers have 2-3 of our bbq tongs in their household as they like to use one for the meat, one for moving the wood and coals around and a spare one for when you feel the need to rope your partner or friend in to help you cook all the meat at a barbeque gathering.

BBQ Gifts for men doesn’t have to be a hard thing to find when you have the DAX BBQ Tong available! You can’t go wrong with our tong, “see what we did there, it’s like poetry” haha.

Get one Now! You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t delay, grab our BBQ Tong in Australia now. Don’t waste money on BBQ Tool sets that aren’t made with love for the grill masters out there, we have spent the last 40 years making sure that when they have the DAX BBQ Tong in their hands that they are undoubtedly the BBQ King. You have the skills to cook, but you just need the right tool that has stood the test of time. We have your back! Get yours now HERE

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