In our line of business we always come across the debate of BBQ vs BRAAI, and depending on what country you come from, you are accustomed to calling it what you have grown up with. But I know people who have called it a BRAAI their whole lives, now after living in Australia for over 5 years they tend to say BBQ more lol.

I find that there are a lot of people in South Africa that cook on gas because it is quick and easy if they are too tired or just want to eat and sleep, and they will call it a quick “Gas Braai”. Whereas is Australia and other parts of the world it is called a “Gas BBQ”, yet they do the same thing. Not everyone like a big fire next to their meat cooking so they might have a fire pit close by for the ambiance of a flame in the background, we say each to their own! 🙂

There of course is some history behind where these words “BBQ” and “BRAAI” originate from, but when we hear these words we have a vision of a Family & Friends gathering , Great Meat sizzling away on the grid, a Few Beverages, Music in the background and more.

BUT whilst this is all taking place, the person doing all the work in front of the BBQ or BRAAI, needs to be in control of turning the meat with comfort and ease, and that’s where our tongs can help, to make sure that you are the BBQ KING or the BRAAI MASTER at any given event, get yours now.

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